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I have a cold. Still. It's been over a week now, and I still can't sing for more than a few minutes at a stretch. Hmph.

My young neighbours continue to find new and interesting ways to be irritating. This Saturday it was celebrating the birthday of one of the girls by waking her up with her favourite music. Unfortunately her favourite music is (c)rap, and they played it loud enough to wake me. At 8am on the one morning a week I don't have to get up. I was Not Happy, but they couldn't hear me hammering on the door over the music. I seriously fear for their hearing.

Meanwhile, my favourite client has slightly unexpectedly managed to employ me for a week or two. I say slightly unexpectedly because they've been trying to talk their client into it since November, and we'd pretty much given up hope. Still, it's nice to be back amongst the familiar faces and mild chaos.
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I had a thoroughly enjoyable filk con, despite the preceding wild excitement. I actually stayed up a reasonable while for the Saturday night circle for once, and regaled people with me little ukulele. Nobody killed me, so it must have been OK.

Today being Shrove Tuesday, my church held a fish & chip supper. It's traditional; apparently Shrove Tuesday used to be the day the church got a spring clean, and one year the cleaners couldn't face the thought of going home and cooking in the evening, so they went down the chippie instead. Eventually this morphed into getting fish & chips delivered, and was someone supposed to have done some cleaning? These days we add a bit of entertainment, so I sang Mercedes Lackey's "Dark and Stormy Night" to general amusement.

Young Jacob declared it to be his favourite day of the year. He had pancakes for lunch, and fish and chips for dinner!
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Fic: Call Me Conrad (15/16)

The penultimate part. With classic bad timing, I'm off to the filkcon tomorrow. You'll have to wait until Monday for the epilogue.

Title: Call Me Conrad (part 15 of 16)
Fandoms: Buffy/Hollyoaks/Harry Potter
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Pay attention when the gods indulge in idle chit-chat in front of you. There's always a test afterwards.

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